The session was on the Automation Using Ansible-(Practical Implementation) by


I got to know :

  1. Automation is to optimize our program to do task by it’s own using less human interaction .
  2. Automation can be used for configuration management , provisioning and many more thing , it can be used anywhere , where we want to perform things fast and accurate.
  3. Ansible tower works on GUI so that we can see what is happening throughout the process, here templates is terminology to discover playbook .
  4. A job template is a set of parameters for running an Ansible job. Job templates are useful to execute the same job many times.
  5. Credential is basically a username and password used for authentication purpose , ansible tower provides us the attach the credential to the template , sometimes we have to create it and some time it is default created .
  6. Things we have done in session are : >we have integrated ansible tower with slack ( messaging tool ). > we have attached notification with slack . >we have launched an EC2 instance of AWS through making a playbook as a template and running it through ansible tower.
  7. Credential types in ansible tower can be used for adding most clouds like oracle, Digital Ocean, IBM Cloud etc.

I’m an undergraduate student at IIIT Ranchi, pursuing my B-Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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